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STEP Event Digitalizing School Landscape in Melaka

The School Transformation e-Platform (STEP) recently took center stage in the historic city of Melaka, where an event aimed at revolutionizing education was held. This groundbreaking initiative, supported by the Department of Education (JPN) Melaka, saw the participation of approximately 40 schools, creating a buzz in the educational community.

STEP: Revolutionizing School

The STEP event, short for School Transformation e-Platform, stands as a testament to the commitment to modernize and enhance the education system. This platform provides schools with innovative tools and resources, fostering a digital environment that encourages interactive and engaging experiences for both students, parent, teachers and school.

Wide Participation: 40 Schools Attend

Approximately 40 schools actively participated in the STEP event, showcasing the widespread interest and commitment to embracing transformative school. The diverse representation of schools highlighted the inclusivity of STEP, catering to the needs of a broad spectrum of educational institutions.

Strong Support from JPN Melaka

The success of the STEP event was further amplified by the strong support from the Department of Education (JPN) Melaka. The collaboration between STEP and JPN Melaka underscored the shared vision of advancing school through technology and modern methodologies.

Positive Feedback from Educators

One of the most encouraging outcomes of the STEP event was the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from teachers. Educators expressed their satisfaction with the tools and resources provided by STEP, citing increased engagement levels among students and a renewed enthusiasm for teaching.


The STEP event in Melaka marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to transform school through technology. With the active participation of schools, support from JPN Melaka, and positive feedback from educators, STEP is poised to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape, paving the way for a more dynamic and effective learning environment.

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